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DUVAL- FOR SALE $21,000 firm


Danish Warmblood  (Don Schufro/Rambo) born in 2006 on Oakhill Ranch, 16hh. Duval has shown up to 4th level dressage.  He has worked with such clinicians as Conrad Schumacher, Jan Brons, Jan Ebeling, and Alfredo Hernandez. Duval is a very powerful and flashy horse who enjoys showing off in front of the crowd. He is every forward and easy off the aids.  Duval has a wonderful personality, loves people and continuous attention. He is very gentle and enjoys interaction with his owner.  Gets along with other horses, loads, clips, bathes, etc.  He is great on trails and jumps very well. Duval has hay allergies which can be easily managed by soaking his hay prior to feeding. He is not and never has been medicated for his cough due to allergies. The cough becomes worse for ONLY one week usually in October, and at that time he is ridden very lightly or not ridden at all.  On his bad day, he may cough three to four times at rest, so no need for medications.  "Things" have been tried by prior owner and did not make much difference.  He has always been sound and is not on any medications or supplements.  No previous injuries or lameness! He is fed soaked hay three times a day and Safe Choice twice daily (1/2 scoop).   Duval is a horse who is very emotionally and physically sensitive and he can easily feed of a nervous and insecure rider. He does not kick, buck, or bolt but gets worried.  The best new owner would be middle age adult amateur who is patient and enjoys spending lots of time and  interacting with her horse on daily bases. Somebody who would like to take lessons and learn but who is not very anxious to progress to the top in very short time. Duval needs patient rider who can have fun with him and be his leader.  Duval can be easily ridden 4- 5 days a week. These are the only videos I have, did not have anybody available to film the 4th level last year.

The links to his videos are available below.  I tried to answer any potential questions.  Please email me with further questions if you are seriously interested.

I am sorry but I will NOT answer any calls unless viewing appointment is to be scheduled.

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Schooling 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F8bpZDDN5s

3rd level 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7pjMXaNwT0

Schooling March 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkf9YcHitPg



Registered KWPN Gelding, 1995, 16.3 hh.








Percheron- Saddlebred cross gelding born in 2005, 16.0hh. Congratulations to Ms. Elisa Costillo.



Registered and branded Oldenburg mare born in 2005, 15.2 hh, sired by Wirigo, trained and shown to second level.

Congratulations to Ms. Aimee Chester from Michigan.




Registered Hungarian Sport Horse, 16.1hh, born in 2006.




2004 Registered Percheron Gelding.  Shown through 1st level, schooled 2nd level.

Congratulations to Mrs. Kathy Klech.